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New Programme - Achieve Your Goals!

In collaboration with ‘Body Fitness’ personal training, Sarah has developed a Rider Fitness Programme which is a unique and successful approach designed to give you a ‘leg up’ to the next level whether you ride for pleasure or to gain a competitive edge.


Your horse reflects you as a rider.  Everyone has the need to improve, but most do not know how when they reach a plateau.


While the horses’ fitness and welfare is a high priority for most riders, do you value your own fitness to the same extent?  Do you have the stamina to keep up with your horse?


Fitness and athletic ability is for all riders and not only for those who ride professionally.  Training the rider both on and off the horse ensures that you can achieve your goals and help prevent injuries.


Physical and emotional wellbeing builds confidence and brings the ‘feel good factor’ to your everyday riding.  We have jointly developed this unique programme to help you become the best rider you can be.


This holistic programme links fundamental components of riding technique and physical fitness, both on and off the horse.

The training on the horse will focus on specific exercises to enhance your:

  • Balance, Posture and Co-ordination

  • Communication and ‘Piloting’ skills

  • ‘Feel good factor’ and Confidence

This will be complemented by physical training off the horse with a specialised Personal Trainer focusing on:

  • Core Strength and Endurance

  • Mobility, Movement and Neurological control

  • Fitness, Wellness and Flexibility

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